Subscribe to a credit without personal contribution

  Individuals can sometimes benefit from a consumer credit or mortgage without personal contribution. This case occurs if the lender is convinced that the borrower will have no trouble dealing with loan repayments under certain conditions. In order not to get lost in this context, it was necessary to know beforehand what a personal contribution Read More

Usury interest on loans – what can you do about usury interest?

Credit transactions as loan contracts are now part of everyday life for many people. Getting a loan has never been easier than it is today. An appointment with the bank is no longer necessary. Nowadays, getting credit online is almost normal on the Internet. The market offers more offers than ever before. That is why Read More

Get a $ 10,000 loan from a bank or financial institution

Maybe you’ve saved one hundred every month for eight years, and your tenth will start to pile up. If your expenses are low enough and your income is high enough, you can quickly accumulate 10,000 in a savings account. $ 10,000 is a nice amount to act as a peace-of-mind buffer, home loan, investment portfolio Read More

Can a spouse affect my credit score?

According to one of our surveys, the most common hidden debt among couples is credit card debt. If you are among the 36% of Canadians who rarely or never say money to their spouse, it may be time to have this conversation to make sure you are not adversely affecting your financial health. Your financial Read More

Pay for your studies: loans, grants and more | Savings and co. – manage personal finances, consume better and save

Are you thinking of earning a first diploma or going back to school? You may have access to the loans and bursaries program and other types of financial assistance. Find out how they can help pay for your education!   Pay for your studies To pay for your studies, you can obviously find yourself a Read More

Estimate your borrowing capacity with a credit broker!

Today, investing in stone is an attractive investment, which attracts many French people who are keen to make full use of credit leverage. But many of them tend to underestimate their borrowing capacity. Here, the role of a broker, expert in real estate credit, is to enlighten and support the future buyer in his real Read More

Loan Reduction Tips – How borrowers can save money

Monthly repayments of a loan often affect the financial situation. Many borrowers have a desire to quickly repay the loan to increase financial freedom. Loan repayment is also very popular because borrowers can effectively save money.   It is a loan replacement A loan repayment is a debt rescheduling of the borrower. The borrower usually Read More